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Hey WikiPinoys! Welcome to the WikiPilipinas Hangout! Feel free to contact anyone on the WikiPinoy team here. Post your comments or suggestions on this page. Just remember to put a level 1 heading for each major topic you want to discuss! Below we've started a thread for you!

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1 maliit na komento lang po

Napansin ko po na bakit kaya yung mga ilang Pinoy po inaadvertise po nila yung very Pinoy/Philippines-centric organizations nila sa Inggles na Wikipedia? Wikipedia is multilingual and international, certainly. Marami ring ibang nasyonality galing sa kung anumang panig ng mundo at kung anumang wika sa mundo ang ginagamit nila. Sana mahanap na po ng mga Pinoy ang WikiPilipinas po. Kumik0 01:02, 18 November 2009 (EST)

Thanks for everything again and again WikiPilipinas, you have misblocked a legitimate non-vandalising non-trolling username. TheTechieGeek63 07:50, 18 November 2010 (EST)

eXpert BLoggErs hELp nmn Po?

mga ate at mga kuya...ptulong nmn jan? help me to build my own bLog? im a 4th year highschool student of a public national highschool of NCR..i just want to try and exeperience to have a BLOG here at wikipinas...i can make my own narrative,pero possible po kayang mkgpgshare aq ng ideas here s site n toh?

slamat po...

Welcome to WIKIPINAS. Your a graduating student this year and congratz in advance my dear. All i can say is that there are a lot of BLOG websites thar are for free and you can try one of them. Just GOOGLE it and you will find plenty of them. after that you can make your BLOG here or more so you just contribute an article (it will be credited to you in your profile). That's all i can suggest for yu on making a BLOG. ^_^ --Rcolvina
You cannot create a blog here in WikiPilipinas. Like what Rcolvina suggested, there are lots of blog sites out there that allows you to create your own blog. Blogspot, Xanga and Live Journal are just some of them. I think you can only post your blog's URL but not the whole blog entry.I think you can list it here --Bughaw 16:51, 30 August 2007 (Taipei Standard Time)
Baka gusto mong kumuha ng free blog sa at baka maging intresado ka rin na sumali sa PBS Forum at PBS Group Blog. --dYu 20:43, 30 August 2007 (Taipei Standard Time)

Promoting Blog

Hi rin mga ate't kuya! Help din po sana. Gusto ko pong malaman kung pa'no ba yung tinatawag nilang "ipromote ang blog"? Pasnsya na at hindi ko maexplain.Napagalaman ko po kasi sa Mel & Joey na pwede kang magkapera sa pag-gawa ng BLOG, ang hindi ko lang alam ay kung pa'no. Mayroon na po akong blog sa google, kung gusto nyo po, bisitahin nyo, then please give me tips to improve it, ok?

Salamat po... --ramzza09

Hi! I think you're referring to google adsense.Click HERE to know more. Hope this helps.^_^--Bluestar 12:22, 8 September 2007 (Taipei Standard Time)
I'm sorry, but a wiki is NOT a website for promoting personal online content, such as blogs. May we refer you to sites such as Google Adsense that would cater to your request. Thank you. --Emb 00:54, 27 September 2007 (Taipei Standard Time)

Bugs and other technical stuff

ITT I post whatever I find wrong about Wikipilipinas... I hope no one minds if it's public. :-)

</wield fly_swatter>

  • Accounts can only be made if the username starts with a capital letter. This bug only presents itself in the English Wikipilipinas, it's fixed in Wikifilipino.
  • Accounts can be created without supplying a password. To reproduce this bug:
    1. Go to Log in / create account page, and create an account.
    2. Type in a username (with a capital letter, see above bug), but do not enter a password.
    3. Account is created without a password.
  • CAPTCHA system when creating accounts and editing articles is too weak and can be abused by spam bots.
  • At the bottom of each wiki article, there exists a link to the GNU Free Documentation License. However it redirects to the Vibal Foundation article, and not to the license itself.
  • There is no direct way to navigate back to the main Wikipilipinas portal page in case a contributor wants to also post articles on the other language wikis.
  • Wiki time is off by seven hours to the future, prolly a good idea to set it to local time.

Will post more as I see them. --Anonymous 08:55, 2 May 2008 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Re:Bugs and other technical stuff

Thanks Anonymous, will try to look into it and let our technical staff know about it. Thanks again for the concern and suggestions. --Bluestar 09:54, 2 May 2008 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Potential incompatibilities concerning use of CC BY-NC-SA license on uploaded images

I did some research on the weekend over this issue, so here goes:

This wiki uses the GFDL (which is still wrongly linked to Vibal Foundation article, but that's beside the point) to license the text contributions submitted to the wiki. Nothing wrong with that.

However, some of the images recently posted into the wiki from within the Vibal Foundation use the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike license (CC BY-NC-SA), which permits reuse and derivative works as long as the following are followed:

  1. The work is attributed to the original source.
  2. The work is used non-commercially.
  3. The work is allowed to propagate and is shared with other people.

As it stands, the CC BY-NC-SA license is not compatible with the GFDL, as it prohibits commercial use of those works. In contrast, the GFDL does allow commercial use of works licensed under it, as this is the only way the content can be considered "free" (in price, as well as in virtue).

By licensing some of the new images under CC BY-NC-SA, these images cannot be considered free, which would be an impediment for those who want to collaborate from commercial sources, or those who want to use some of the content to other free encylopedias like Wikipedia.

Thus I propose some solutions:

  1. The images are relicensed under the GFDL, as do most of the other text content in WikiPilipinas.
  2. The images are relicensed under a less restrictive Creative Commons license that allows commercial use, such as CC BY-SA (Attribution-Share Alike). This license is functionally equivalent to the GFDL, and is a very popular choice for educational resources as well.
  3. The images are relicensed under a dual license of GFDL and CC BY-NC-SA. That way a future commercial user of that content can choose which license to pick; if they pick the CC BY-NC-SA, they'll have to seek permission from you, and if they pick the GFDL then they are required to always keep the content free, which is a win-win situation for all.

I did mention this somewhere before, but this is not only a warning to the admin folks, but to future image uploaders as well. A free encyclopedia should have free content... and that should start with you. --Anonymous 13:49, 11 May 2008 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Creative Writing Project

Hello guys, I am Josephine Bonsol, the school paper adviser of Lagro High School, your companion from the last South Cotabato National Schools Press Conference. I am truly grateful to your site as you have given more motivation for campus writers to keep the flame of writing alive. We are truly grateful to your contribution. At present, we are to conduct Quezon City District Secondary Schools Press Conference in preparation for Division, Regional and hopefully vie for the National Schools Press Conference on Feb. 2009 at Palawan..I am to encourage my creative writing students and not only my campus journalists to use wiki and I would probably need your assistance. Would the short story on wiki lab be most recommended? me at my email..thanks or post it here..Thank you. Would you also recommend sites for creative writing contests for students? It would be most helpful to encourage them to participate..

Infobox help!

Bkt po ayaw magpkita ung iba2 ng infobox sa article na Santa Maria, Bulacan pki-ayos po, tnx!

New Job Vacancies - Phils., UAE, Qatar and Libya

Dear Kabayans,

Meron po ako website bago - guaranteed pure pinoy. Sa mga nangangailangan ng jobs sa pinas and other parts of the world. Register lang po kayo but dont forget to complete the resume builder after registering. Heto po ang ad:

New vacancies have been posted in and are waiting for your applications. There are vacancies from the Philippines, UAE, Qatar and now Libya covering specializations in Call center, Nursing, HR, IT, Engineering, Hotel and Restaurant, Finance, Marketing and many more. (Go to [] now)

For a more targeted hunt:

Please make sure that your resume builder is complete. While we allow applicants to attach their resume in word document, job matching is done through the resume builder. This means that employers searching for candidates will see you based on what you put in the resume builder. Thus, you need to complete all entries including job descriptions to your employment record, education and other skills. Please do not forget to complete the resume builder right after successful registration.

Have email alerts sent to you whenever new job vacancies are posted: It’s easy, we have provided a facility where you can create your own hunt criteria and save it. Based on the criteria, will hunt for the most perfect job match and send it to your email address at a frequency that you set as well. Hurry! Go to [], your future job is waiting for you.

--Daminapala 09:20, 30 May 2009 (UTC)

Request to move article to a new title

Please move/rename the 40 Richest Filipinos article to 40 Richest Filipinos of 2007 po. Kasi po nagbabago po yung listahan bawat taon po. Thanks in advance po. Kumik0 02:31, 8 September 2009 (EDT)

Ilocano folk songs translation

Please help translate these Ilocano folk songs into English for all to enjoy! Maraming salamat po! Stevey7788 03:10, 8 November 2010 (EST)

Anong pwdi kung gawin dito? Bago ito.


Ang mga hangouts ko ay sa mga selected Adventist churches lalo na sa mga bus terminals including Baliwag Transit, N. Dela Rosa Liner at JAC Liner. Joyann11

Need for content flagging and moderation to deter spam entries

There should be a system for flagging or moderating (unpublishing or suspending) of spam content.

Take this case in point -

I want to remove it but I can't find a way to mark, report or flag it as an unwanted stub. Are the site editors/owners still active here? Sayang yung site if you just let spammers take over.

elmerato 22:39, 24 July 2012 (EDT)